Starter Website Package

Starter-Web Package

Get your online presence up and running with our Starter-Web Package.

This package is designed for individuals and small businesses looking to establish their presence on the web with a professional and functional website.

With our affordable pricing and comprehensive features, you can kickstart your online journey and reach your target audience effectively.

Starting at $500

Package Features:

  1. Custom Design: We create a unique and visually appealing design that represents your brand identity.
  2. Responsive Layout: Your website will adapt seamlessly to different devices and screen sizes, providing an optimal user experience for visitors on desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  3. Content Creation: We assist you in crafting engaging and compelling content to effectively communicate your message to your audience.
  4. Contact Forms: Capture visitor inquiries and feedback with user-friendly contact forms, making it easy for potential customers to get in touch.
  5. Login and Authentication for Admin: Secure user login functionality to protect sensitive information and provide a personalized experience.
  6. Social Media Integration: Integrate your website with popular social media platforms, allowing visitors to easily connect and share your content.
  7. Search Functionality: Implement a basic search feature that allows users to search for specific content within your website.
  8. Advanced Search Filters: Enhance the search functionality with advanced filters to help users refine their search results based on specific criteria.
  9. Number of Pages: Up to 7 pages to showcase your key information, products, or services.

Package Price: $500 (One-time fee)

With the StarterWeb Package, you’ll have a professionally designed website with essential features to establish your online presence. Our team of experts will ensure that your website is visually appealing, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines. Take the first step towards a successful online journey with the StarterWeb Package.

Note: This package includes 1 revision. Additional revisions can be availed at an additional cost.

Contact us now to get started with the StarterWeb Package and unlock the potential of your online presence.

Development Process

The development process for creating a website typically involves several stages that ensure a systematic and efficient approach to building a successful online presence. Here’s an overview of the development process:

  1. Discovery and Planning:
  • Understanding your requirements: We start by gathering information about your business, target audience, goals, and specific requirements for your website.
  • Defining project scope: We work closely with you to define the scope of the project, including the number of pages, features, design preferences, and desired functionalities.
  • Creating a project plan: We develop a detailed project plan that outlines the timeline, milestones, and deliverables for each stage of the development process.
  1. Design and Wireframing:
  • Information architecture: We create a sitemap and determine the organization and structure of your website’s content.
  • Wireframing: We develop wireframes, which are basic visual representations of each page’s layout and structure, allowing you to preview the website’s design and navigation before the actual development begins.
  • Visual design: Our team of designers will create visually appealing mockups of your website, incorporating your brand elements and ensuring a cohesive user experience.
  1. Development:
  • Front-end development: Our developers will convert the approved design into a fully functional website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This stage focuses on creating the user interface, ensuring responsiveness, and optimizing the website for different devices and screen sizes.
  • Back-end development: If required, we’ll develop the back-end infrastructure using technologies such as PHP, Python, or Ruby on Rails. This involves setting up databases, implementing server-side functionalities, and integrating necessary systems.
  • Content creation: We assist in creating and optimizing content for your website, ensuring it is engaging, informative, and aligned with your brand messaging.
  • Integration of features: We incorporate various features and functionalities into your website, such as contact forms, social media integration, e-commerce capabilities, and more.
  1. Testing and Quality Assurance:
  • Cross-browser and device testing: We thoroughly test your website on different web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and devices (desktop, tablets, mobile) to ensure consistent performance and compatibility.
  • Functionality testing: We rigorously test all features and functionalities of your website to identify and fix any bugs or issues.
  • Performance optimization: We optimize the website’s loading speed and overall performance to provide a smooth and seamless user experience.
  1. Deployment and Launch:
  • Final review and approval: We present the completed website for your review and address any remaining feedback or revisions.
  • Domain and hosting setup: We assist in setting up the domain name and hosting environment to make your website accessible on the internet.
  • Website deployment: We upload the finalized website files to the hosting server, ensuring a smooth and error-free deployment process.
  • Launch: Your website is now live and accessible to the public!
  1. Post-launch Support:
  • Training and handover: We provide training and documentation to help you understand and manage your website’s content and basic maintenance tasks.
  • Ongoing support: We offer post-launch support and maintenance services, including bug fixes, updates, security monitoring, and regular backups.
  • Performance monitoring: We continuously monitor the website’s performance, analyze user behavior, and provide insights to enhance its effectiveness.

Throughout the entire development process, our team maintains open communication with you, ensuring that your vision and requirements are met. We strive to deliver a high-quality, visually appealing, and functional website that aligns with your business objectives and provides an exceptional user experience for your audience.